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It's time to rethink print distribution.

Relying solely on our postal system can be bad for business. A print marketing campaign can fail due to printing issues, transportation delays, or distribution obstacles, costing a company thousands of dollars. We’ve been in the print and marketing industry for years and saw the holes in the mail delivery system. So what’s the solution? Build resources where they’re most necessary. By building printing facilities in strategic locations near USPS hubs, we can cut down on trucking resources, and postage costs and mitigate time constraints.

The SCF Direct team lives and breathes trade print solutions. Our resources will streamline operations!


The business of postal optimization is the SCF Direct business!
Your trade mail is directly influenced by location, distribution, and delivery. While we provide logistics solutions for printing, distribution to the USPS, and tracking, we also offer additional direct mail services. If there’s one thing technology can be credited for, it’s to make life easier with automation. At SCF Direct, our automation software creates digitized tracking for use with your direct mail campaigns. These tools can be used alongside digital marketing software to provide analytics around your campaign.

By adding our direct mail strategies to your marketing automation, retaining clients and bringing in new ones has never been easier. Technology has helped these initiatives to become automated and trackable, giving businesses and agencies a fuller picture of marketing initiatives.


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